3 reasons why I use personal plan

I use Personal Plan to build my site, A journey to freedom. You may wonder why I choose instead of since most of the companies and bloggers are using as their hosting site. Here are some reasons that lead me to the decision.

1   I’m not tech-savvy

I’m not so familiar with the technical stuff, for example, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and etc. I want to run a simple blog and hoping my hosting provider can manage my entire site. With the paid plan on, there are no worries when it comes to maintenance. In addition, HTML and CSS knowledge are not necessary for me to have my blog here. This is incredibly helpful for me because I don’t have enough time to maintain my website (due to my 9-to-5 job).

2   It is affordable compared to other solutions

With as low as $4 per month (billed yearly which is $48), I can get my free custom domain name ( and Jetpack (a powerful plugin including SEO, spam protection, social sharing, site stats, and etc.). The most important thing is, I can get more storage space and there are no ads. Considering my financial status now, this is the best plan for me to start up my own blog and online business. Anyhow, I still can upgrade my plan to move forward after I get more income and more traffic online. Personal Plan
I paid $48 to build my blog on

3   It is more user-friendly

I used Blogspot Blogger platform and free plan before during my study time. From my point of view, is much more user-friendly. Some large corporations such as CNN, NBC, Sony, and BBC are using this hosting service too. It has the excellent all-in-one solution, tons of beautiful designs and dozens of widgets. For me, it is highly customizable and has the best blogging interface. Such tools offered by personal plan is extremely useful for me as a newbie at blogging.
I use Personal Plan to build my blog

Have you built a website with or WordPress. org or any other hosting sites? Let me know in the comments below!