Latest: Preparing for individual income tax relief in the year 2019

Individual tax-filing season in Malaysia has finished recently. Most of the time, people keep forgetting to keep the claimable receipts for tax relief and consequently, end up with paying more tax to the government. Thus, the task of trying to save as much as we can while filing our taxes becomes a giant of an undertaking.

Nowadays, it is very for my husband and me to file the tax through online. It is a learning process from not knowing which category when filing online, to missing out on claiming for rebates on tax-relief items and getting the updates of tax-relief-qualified items each year. There are so many things to consider when filing for taxes.

To prepare for filing our individual income tax in the year 2019, I’ve come up with the list of updated tax-relief items to help you, as a Malaysian to save a little bit of money.

Those who have monthly income RM3100 or more in the year 2018 need to file the individual income tax.

individual income tax Malaysia
2019 useful individual tax-relief items

Above lists are those items which are common to most of the employees and you need to keep these receipts and invoices for tax-filing in the year 2019. There are still a lot of tax-relief items where you can refer to the LHDN official portal.

Every single cent counts. It may be a tiresome task to know where you can save on taxes, the amount you could potentially accumulate at the end of the day could ultimately worth the effort.