Top 3 reasons not to get a credit card

Budgeting and saving my money have become an essential task for me this year. I decided to stop using the credit card although it can be a key financial tool for me if used responsibly. There are some reasons for me to stop using it.

credit card
stop using the credit card!

1   Blowing my budget

The biggest problem of having a credit card is that it encourages me to spend money that I don’t have. Most of the time, it does not require me to pay off my balance each month, so I will easily overspend without staying on my budget.

2   High-interest rates 

Credit card company will charge an enormous amount of interest if you are not able to pay off the money you spent at the end of each month. In other words, if I carry a balance at the end of each month, all my purchases will end up costing me a little more.

3   Credit card fraud

The credit card is the common target for scammers. Sometimes you might not know your credit card number has been stolen until you receive your monthly statement. Therefore, I need to always keep those receipts and review the monthly bill to confirm that it accurately reflects my purchases. It is adding stress to me and it is time-consuming too.

Credit cards can make my life easier and be a great tool, but it can become a huge financial burden to me if I do not use it wisely.

Since the debit card nowadays is very convenient will it allows me to spend money by drawing on the only funds that I deposited with the card provider, I can stay within my budget. Same as the credit card, I don’t have to carry a lot of money with me wherever I go.

Do you have any experiences with a credit card? Feel free to share with me under the comment below.

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