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First-time mom essential baby shopping list

Being a first-time mom, that’s a lot of things I worry about what is coming next. My parents, relatives, and friends give a lot of advice on what I need, what I don’t really need, how much I need to prepare and etc. I am quite frustrated and panicked for the non-stop different recommendation from those exciting people.

Newborn essentials & needs
Newborn essentials & needs

Shopping for baby can be rather overwhelming as there is so much attractive baby equipment to choose from. Therefore, I do my own researches through the web on the first-time mom essential baby items and create my own shopping list that suits my lifestyle and is within my budget.

Link: The essential items for baby from 0 to 3 months old (updated June 2018)

I will update the money I spent and the information once I purchase the items I planned to buy. Maybe I can get some free stuff from my supportive ones? Who knows…….

If you have any suggestion or recommendation on the important basic items for the newborn especially those mummies who have experiences dealing with the baby (you know more than me ^.^), please do not hesitate to leave the comments below. Your bits of help is truly appreciated.

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