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GDM and insulin

I have been diagnosed with GDM for my current pregnancy. This is the first time I am having a new life in my body and the BIG WORD “GDM” make me feel a bit worry about my baby and my health. The doctor didn’t explain in detail about what is GDM but just informed me that I will go to have diabetes during the pregnancy period. I have done my own reading regarding GDM. Here I make it simpler and easy to understand.

What is GDM?

GDM = Gestational diabestes mellitus.

According to Wikipedia, GDM is a condition in which a woman without diabetes develops high blood sugar levels during pregnancy. It affects how the body cells use sugar (glucose) and will also affect the baby’s health.

Possible complications for the baby

  1. Macrosomia = the baby is larger than normal.
  2. Hypoglycemia = the baby will have low blood sugar immediately after delivery.
  3. Early birth = the doctor may recommend early delivery because the baby is large.
  4. Respiratory distress syndrome = a condition that makes breathing difficult if the baby borns early.

Treatment for GDM

  1. Special diet = the doctor might require you to meet with a dietitian to help you make a diet plan you can stick with. (I have met with the registered dietitian. She gave a lot of recommendation and also provided a diet plan for me. However, I do not really follow the plan but still, I try to control my sugar or carbohydrate intake by taking a smaller portion of my meal.)
  2. Exercise = exercise is encouraged to help the body use insulin better and it helps control blood sugar levels. (My job requires me to walk a lot…I am a teacher. Can this considered as exercise?)
  3. Blood glucose monitoring = the blood glucose is tested regularly (My doctor asked me to check twice a month. I need to check my blood sugar level before breakfast, lunch, dinner and before sleep. I need to fast at least 2 to 3 hours each time.)

    My lunch
    One of my lunch at the hospital
  4. Insulin injections = if the blood sugar level remains high, the doctor will prescribe diabetes pill or insulin injection to keep the blood sugar level in check and protect the baby. (After a couple of months monitoring my blood sugar level, I was admitted to hospital for observation and the doctor decided to give me a small dose of insulin injection every morning before breakfast. She said I usually have a peak sugar level before lunch…Now I need to inject the insulin by myself every morning after the pharmacist in the hospital taught me how to do it. Sad….)
Insulin injection
My insulin injection equipment: insulin, syringes and alcohol pads

Do you have any experiences on GDM?

Do share it by leaving your comments below.

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