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My first baby feeding bottles

While it has been a long time for me to do my research on the differences between the types of feeding bottles in the market. I saw this comparison chart when I did my window shopping at one of the local shopping malls and finally, my husband and I decided to buy the GLASS feeding bottles.

Types of feeding bottles and their differences
Types of feeding bottles and their differences (Note: based on Pigeon’s product)

Although glass feeding bottle is far more expensive than the plastic one, we still choose it as the best for our baby due to these advantages of glass feeding bottle:

  1. No chemicals (it is glass…)

  2. Easier to clean (this is the second most important!)

  3. Heat resistance

  4. Compatible with the breast pump (most of the time)

My husband and I went through some physical stores and online stores over the weekends. We found that most of the time the prices of glass bottles for those well-known brands such as Philips AVENT, Pigeon and Tommee Tippee at the physical stores are more expensive than the online stores.

Thus, we searched the glass feeding bottle on several leading online stores in Malaysia such as Lazada, Shopee, and 11street. In the end, we found the most affordable Pigeon glass feeding bottle on Shopee. We bought two 120ml Pigeon Slim-Neck Nursing Glass Bottle with RM82.39 (~20USD) with the promotion code applied.

120ml Pigeon Slim-Neck Nursing Glass Bottle
Pigeon Slim-Neck Nursing Glass Bottle, 120ml

Thanks to the seller, we received our order within 5 days with a really good packaging. We first worried where the bottles will break during the delivery but they are new and are in good condition.

We plan to buy five more glass feeding bottles in the coming month to store the breast milk in case I go to work after my confinement. Hopefully, the price won’t change a lot after a month. We still need to keep an eye on our monthly budget…as you may refer to my previous post on how to budget our money month by month.

If you have any better suggestion on how to save money buying baby stuff, please leave a comment below. Your recommendation will be much appreciated.

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