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My first electric breast pump

There are many electric breast pumps on the market which are branded and expensive such as Phillips AVENT, Autumnz, Medela, Spectra and etc. If you go to the review or comparison sites on the electric breast pumps, they will most likely recommend you to use those well-known branded breast pumps which will cost you more than RM200 and above. For example, one of the Medela electric breast pumps, Swing cost about RM599 and this is the price at one of the online store.

Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump
The price of one of the Medela electric breast pump (price is listed on 14th June 2018)

At first, I was shilly-shallied about buying an electric breast pump because it will be going to exceed my budget for preparing the baby items. Besides, it will only be used for maybe half of the year or one. Then, will you give the expensive electric breast pump to your ready-to-be mum’s friend as a present just like you are giving out the used baby shirts??

I think this was the blessing from the GOD. I found one electric breast pump at one of my favorite online stores, Shopee and it is the CHEAPEST among those branded one. I thought it was a scam because of the incredibly low price makes me feel that it is not reliable, and also it looks like one of the China brand, Real Bubee (I thought both are the same, maybe this company copies the China’s idea? Hmm…). I then scrolled down and see those rating with photos. Many mummies tried it out and the feedback was NOT BAD!

Double Electric Breast Pump
Cheaper option of the electric breast pump

Thinking THREE…TWO…ONE…OKAY! I am ON! I gave it a try and place my order to get this electric breast pump. The parcel was shipped to my place within one week. Fast delivery and nice packaging made by the seller.

My cheap electric breast pump
Testing my electric breast pump. The small pink color object is the pump…look like a mouse!

This electric breast pump is very convenient to use because it uses USB power supply so it can save up the space of electric plug by using laptop or power bank to turn the pump on. The size of the pump just fit on my palm. To check whether it is working fine before I need it for one month later, this is the result: (because my site is not a premium plan, no money…so I can only convert my video to the audio file so you can get some idea on how this pump works!)

It sounds too good for me to have this cheap and workable electric breast pump. I will write a review on its performance once I try it out. I really hope it will work well and this will really save lots of my money, and other mummies’ money too.

If anyone of you tried this before, please tell me how it goes with you.

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